Do you know someone who deserves special recognition?

What better way to celebrate their hard work and dedication than nominating them for a 2018 Pride in Medway Award.

Charity Fundraiser

Do you know someone who fundraises tirelessy all to recgonise a charity they feel passionately about? What better way to reward them for all of their hard work and achievements by nominating for this Pride in Medway award? Introduced in 2015, this award celebrates all of the dedication to raising money there is within Medway.

Community Service

Some people go above and beyond for their community and this category recognises this devotion. This could be through tireless fundraising, representation of minority cultures or organising events to bring the community together. If you know someone whose input has changed the Medway community for the better then nominate them today!


Do you know someone whose brave actions deserve recognition? Then nominate them for a Pride in Medway Award! Whether they acted courageously in an emergency or bravely stood up to their own fears you can help them celebrate their bravery with your nomination.

Good Carer

It takes a truly selfless and empathetic person to be a carer and a lovely way to say thank you for their care is to nominate them for a good carer award. Whether it’s a professional carer who takes care of your parent at a day care centre or a family member who fulfills your care needs at home, let them know that their work has changed your life with a nomination for a Pride in Medway Award.

Green Champion

Some people see it as their responsibly to take on greener lifestyles, look after our environment and making conscious conservation efforts. These environmentally conscious people are admirable and should be given due recognition for the work they do to save our planet. It could be through their recycling or litter picking efforts, or as a result of setting up a green community group. Whatever it is say your thanks with a Pride in Medway nomination.

Health and Hospital

When someone falls ill, there are many people who help them to recover. These can be healthcare professionals, volunteers, family and friends. This category seeks to find these special people who go the extra mile to look after people either in the community or in hospital or healthcare environment, such as a hospice or residential care home. We are also looking for people who champion healthcare – people who help others to give up smoking, improve their lifestyle, or raise awareness of conditions, treatments or local healthcare services.

Volunteer of the Year

There are hundreds of hours that are donated to our community by those who are generous and give up their time. Do you know someone who gives their time selflessly or someone who helps an organisation that would not be able to run without volunteers? Who has given up their time to make your community a better place? We would like to know about them for the Pride in Medway awards.

Young Heroes

This category gives due recognition to young individuals in Medway who are truly extraordinary. This could be for their personal achievements, dedication to help others or for their grown-up actions in a difficult situation. Whatever these young people have done to make you feel proud, make sure they know it with a Pride in Medway nomination.